Technology as a form of life

Some traces date back over 80,000 years. This is the first way that homo sapiens have found a way to communicate, to present their worldview. According to the prehistoric Anati, there are 45 million rock paintings on rocks and caves in 170,000 places in 160 countries.

Technological improvements. Did you know? To create these works, various tools and techniques were used: flint for engraving, a mixture of water, clay, powder for drawing, etc. The first signs of writing date back to 3300 BC. They were found carved from reeds on clay tablets in the temples of the cities of Uruk and Lagash (in Iraq). This is called wedge-shaped writing. It consists of clay and cane, the basic materials existing in the Mesopotamian region. Kalame (a piece of reed) was thus a tool used for writing on clay tablets.

Understanding and using the Tool allowed people to think about a new use. Take the wheel example. This system was invented after an icon was discovered that depicts a carriage with 4 wheels, which facilitates its transportation. Making the wheel revolutionized the world. This is a circular part that rotates around an axis passing through its center, which facilitates the advancement of plows. This has significantly changed vehicles and allowed the development of new technologies and technologies, such as water or windmills. The invention does not stop there. Man is guided by a constant desire for progress. Inventions lead to others, which leads to the use and new needs that give rise to new inventions. Wheel The Sumerian chariot is mounted on wheels.

The wheel for transporting plows has been improved, recycled, suitable for cars, trains. Since then, new vehicles have been created using the same wheel system: bicycle, skateboard, roller skates, chairs, lawn mowers and even more recently, hoverboards. The technology is developing, the wheel is no longer made of wood, its size and material differ depending on the innovations, but the principle remains the same. It is important to emphasize the fact that one wheel is used today in many different devices and applications.

The use of the wheel exceeded its original purpose. Indeed, in addition to these vehicles, it has been integrated and used for many devices. Film projectors, for example, in computer components, for medical equipment, for rodents, etc. Here we emphasize that the invention is constantly evolving and is born due to our use. Today’s world is driven by technological innovation and the behavioral changes associated with it. Thus, from the discovery of the instrument to today, man and his use have evolved. We are seeing exponential technological changes that have a strong impact on our daily lives.

Technology is everywhere in our midst; we often use all kinds of tools that make our work easier and improve our daily lives. At home: a set of robots, such as a robot vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, automatic stove, etc. At work: email manager, calendar, task scheduler, all kinds of business software, notepad, pens, etc. For our travels : mobile applications GPS, VTC, guide, bike, train, car, etc. Entertain us: games, movies, social networks, books, musical instruments, etc.

Technology as an integral part. We use sophisticated communication and collaboration technologies to work with real or virtual colleagues on the other side of the world that we may never meet. We see organizations that collaborate with competitors to create new enterprises using technology platforms that together contribute to improving the quality of service.

Technology as a form of life is a technology invented by man to satisfy the need for information exchange. Over time, Man re-invented this technology in order to adapt its form and function to changes in trade, other technologies and human needs. For example, fiat money, which originally denoted paper money, was invented during a shortage of copper for making coins (metallic money). Today we are talking about paper money to denote banknotes and coins that form a currency whose nominal value exceeds the intrinsic value, that is, its real value. Then, with the development of digital technology, Man invented the so-called biblical money to facilitate transactions from one account to another. It is this way of money that will lead to the creation of blue cards.